We believe that everyone is creative, inventive, and imaginative. We believe that everyone can create the future and change the world. We believe that the whole world is a construction kit if we choose to see it that way.

Makey Makey Founders, 2010


THE DREAM FACTORY is a space for makers and inventors to not only bring their creations to life but it also is a place that will enable all the necessary support systems to make sure their inventions turn into a successful and viable business. 

This is an idea that came during the building of THE BIM FACTORY's office/factory in 2014. During that time, our founders Maryline Vo and Han Hoang along with many of the staff members, literally picked up hammers, drills, welding machines and any serviceable tools we can get our hands on to build our factory. We wondered then how great it would have been to have a dedicated factory like ours, a place that encourages creations, a place that is willing to support anyone who wants to create whatever it is that they wanted.

The Dream Factory (TDF) is a collective space and an innovative workshop facility to support the hardware startups and local maker's community to educate, create, develop, and funding focused within the immediate region.


It is a multi-discipline facility that encompasses all the necessary tools and equipment to support fabrication, rapid prototyping, hardware creation, product manufacturing, entrepreneurship, education, and equipment training. 


TDF focuses on developing the next evolution of hardware technologies.

  • It is a place to learn, share and spread creativity.

  • It is a place that supports creators. 

  • It is a place with resources and investors to make dreams come true.

  • It is an outlet for creativity.

Our Founder Han, also the CEO of THE BIM FACTORY, is a serial maker and a dreamer of creating anything cool. Having been a part of the team at the MIT Media Lab during his time in school at MIT in 2004 as part of a course called "How to make (almost) anything", which he was fortunate to have the opportunity to be at the place which infectiously encourages creativity and inventions. It was this course that spawned Fablabs all over the world through the vision of the class' Professor Neil Gershenfeld of the Center for Bits and Atoms.  

Ever since then, Han has always envisioned creating a place similar to the Media Lab that encourages and gives opportunities for anyone who has a vision and ideas of creating something amazing.




- Neil Gershenfeld, MIT Center for BIts and Atoms


To build an environment not only for ordinary people to develop hardware technology and have direct access to mentors, but we want to create a place to support mentally, physically and financially to anyone who wants to re-invent the world from inception to delivery.

To create a leadership center with a connected ecosystem that fosters creative training and education within an environment of creative thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists to make their visions realities. We want to provide a platform and all the necessary resources for those special talents who want to push the creative boundaries to enable the next industrial revolution.

  •  A dedicated hardware and fabrication equipment with state-of-the-art prototyping machines. 

  • A dedicated community workshop for anyone who wants to build whatever it is they want.

  • A place to create prototypes of ideas from concept to production.

  • A place full of mentors and leaders guiding entrepreneurs.

  • A place to learn how to build stuff and test products.

  • A place to get help with production and manufacturing.

  • A place to get funding for great ideas. 

Vietnamese are young and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurship and startups are at an all-time high.

Vibrant and upcoming center for manufacturing and production.

Youthfulness and with one of the highest literacy rates.

Hardworking and cheap skill laborers.

Centralized location to ASEAN nations and China.

Close proximity to Shenzhen – the silicon valley of hardware manufacturing.

Hungry and known as the next dragon of Asia. 


Do you have a prototype of your invention and need to connect with investors to take it to market?


Do you have what it takes and the knowledge to build a multi-billion dollar company from your invention?


Then The Dream Factory is the place for you!


A hardware accelerator (XL) program for inventors, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs

We help you to make your dream product come true. Whatever idea or dream you have, we can make it together!

This program will launch at the end of 2020. For more information about his program, please email us. 

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A production facility to make any inventive electronics prototypes or specialized products for companies or individuals. Whether it is for a sales promotion or a gift for those special clients, we can make a cool product for you. 

Our products are unique IoT smart devices that can promote your brand.

We are capable of making a maximum of 500 units of a unique product customized for your needs. Want to know more? Send us a message and we will show you.

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Our space is your space. We create this dream factory for everyone who is a maker to come and use. We consider this a playground for inventors and makers to rent and use any equipment and machines.

We are constantly building and buying more equipment every day if you have a particular need for a tool, machine or device that can help you to make stuff, let us know. 

For now, we have all the basic tools you need along with a laser cutter and a 3D printer. 

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With machine training programs for makers or inventors to learn how to use various machines and equipment for making prototypes.

We can teach you how to use the equipment with ease. Once you've earned your badge, you can use all the machines you want. 

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We work and partner with local universities, international schools and education facilities to provide a dedicated maker's space for electronics, fabrication, manufacturing, and production courses.

We hold STEM workshops and classes at our factory for students and adults in our dedicated training room with all the equipment and computers provided.

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Need us to help your school with a maker program or provide a workshop?


We are located in the new and upcoming area of District 2 in An Phu Ward. We collaborate with THE BIM FACTORY and share the existing office of over 1,000 sm of floor area. 


We have a dedicated training room along with a workshop mezzanine where all the tools and equipment are located. 


Send us an email and come and check it out for your self.  


THE DREAM FACTORY comprises of laboratory-style workshops, equipment, machining area, communal workspaces with collaborative areas for individuals.


Our facility includes:

___ communal and private desks.

___ rapid-prototyping shops.

___ 3D printing area.

___ CNC shop and metal equipment area.

___ electronics work area.

___ woodworking area.

___ bench tools.

___ electronics area.


We're looking for help. Join our dream team.



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